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"They were pioneers, as much as Gillespie and Miles Davis and Charlie Parker were in music, and their influence is enormous...they helped create something very rare in any art- a new way of seeing." 

John Sayles . The Believer Magazine

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John Hubley Centennial

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John Hubley Centennial

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A traveling program of films by animators John and Faith Hubley, all in new 35mm prints, celebrating John Hubley's 100th birthday.

ADVENTURES OF AN * 1956 . 10:44 min

A baby, represented by the “ * ” symbol, delights in the visual excitement of the world. As he matures, his ability to see diminishes. Eventually, his own child freshens his vision.

Produced and Written by John and Faith Hubley in collaboration with James Johnson Sweeney
Directed by John Hubley

TENDER GAME  1958 . 5:48 mins

A jazz version of the song “Tenderly,” provides the soundtrack for a delicate tale of love.

Produced and Written by John Hubley
Music Performed by Ella Fitzgerald and the Oscar Peterson Trio: Ray Brown, bass and Herb Ellis, guitar

MOONBIRD  1959 . 10:00 min

In a magical adventure, two brothers hunt an imaginary bird. Their dialogue is improvised.

Produced and Written by John and Faith Hubley
Directed by John Hubley
Voices of Mark and Ray Hubley

THE HAT 1964 . 18:75 min

Two soldiers patrol the border between their counties. When one accidentally drops his helmet over the line, the other refuses to give it back – setting the scene for a witty exploration of peace through world law.

Produced and Written by John and Faith Hubley for The World Law Fund
Directed by John Hubley
Music and Voices by Dizzy Gillespie and Dudley Moore

URBANISSIMO 1967 . 5:38 min

A comic allegory depicting a runaway “city” devouring its environs. A farmer has an encounter with the “city” and deserts his rural home for the imagined joys of urban life.

Produced by John and Faith Hubley for Expo ’67, Montreal
Directed by John Hubley
Music by Benny Carter

WINDY DAY 1968 . 9:21 min

An improvised dialogue of two little girls is the background for the expressive visualization of their view of marriage and babies, love and death.

Produced and Directed by John and Faith Hubley
Voices of Emily and Georgia Hubley

OF MEN AND DEMONS 1968 . 9:00 min

A simple fisherman faces the challenges posed by climate and modernity as personified by three resourceful demons.

Produced and Directed by John and Faith Hubley
Music by Quincy Jones

EGGS 1970 . 10:00 min

Mother Nature bickers with Death over control of humankind before a fateful decision is made.

Produced and Written by John and Faith Hubley
Directed by John Hubley
Music by Quincy Jones
Voices of David Burns, Anita Ellis, and Grady Tate


1956 - 1970 . 80 min . 35mm


John Hubley . Faith Hubley

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Melbourne Film Festival Best Animated Film 1957

Academy Award Best Animated Short 1959

Venice Film Festival Diploma Speciale 1957

Venice Film Festival Grand Prize 1958

Venice Film Festival Lion of San Marco 1961

Cine Golden Eagle Award 1971

Story of Release

Organized in collaboration with the Hubley family, Cinema Conservancy's centennial tour coincides with The Believer Magazine’s 2014 Film Issue. The issue will feature a DVD with a number of the Hubleys' films, including "Cockaboody" (1973), "The Hole" (1963), and "Date With Dizzy" (1958), as well as commercials, home movies and storyboards.

Visually striking, playful and innovative, the selected films address a wide range of topics - from urbanization and overpopulation to two boys’ search for a pet bird - and feature the voices of Dizzy Gillespie, Dudley Moore, and the Hubleys’ children (Emily, Georgia, Mark and Ray), as well as music from Benny Carter, The Oscar Peterson Trio and Quincy Jones.

John Hubley began his training at Disney (where his participation in the studio's famous 1941 strike caused him and other animators to be fired and later blacklisted) and went on to the Army's Motion Picture Unit and UPA. The personal and creative partnership between John and Faith (Elliott) Hubley lasted from the 1950's until John's death in 1977. True to their marriage vow to finish one independent film per year, the Hubleys created over 20 animated films together, winning three Academy Awards (for “Moonbird,” “The Hole,” and 1966’s “Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass Double Feature”), in addition to taking on ads, commissions and segments for TV shows such as Sesame Street and The Electric Company. Faith Hubley went on to make 23 more films after 1977.

Breaking new artistic ground and exploring urgent topics in their films, the Hubleys rebelled, as John told animation historian John Canemaker, “against the sweet sentimental chipmunk and bunnies idiom of animation.” They favored a modern aesthetic, using techniques such as wax-resistance, oil painting and bottom-lit watercolors. In their experimentations with improvised dialogue and music, the pair found inspiration everywhere, from conversations between New York construction workers to the musings of their own children. Cinema Conservancy is thrilled to be bringing the Hubley's work back to theaters in 2014.

ADVENTURES OF AN *, THE TENDER GAME, and URBANISSIMO were preserved by The Museum of Modern Art with support from the Celeste Bartos Fund for Film Preservation.


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