We BRING films
TO new audiences.

The Cinema Conservancy Program releases and preserves American independent films to ensure their legacy and public availability.

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Richie Andrusco in LITTLE FUGITIVE
Courtesy of: Orkin/Engel Photo Archive


Cinema Conservancy is a program within APD that releases and preserves works of American independent film. The program focuses on projects of historical and social significance that, for one reason or another, have gone under-seen. We work with rights holders to ensure a proper release of their films, overseeing theatrical bookings, festival submissions, marketing, press, and the coordination of ancillary deals.

Many of the older works we release have elements in need of preservation. In partnership with archives, filmmakers, and rights holders, we restore the prints, untangle legal rights, create new exhibition copies, and release the work, with the goal of introducing it to a new generation of audiences.


APD is an advocate for film and digital preservation. Through Cinema Conservancy's projects we work to promote the importance of preservation in cinema. A new exhibition copy is created for each Cinema Conservancy Release to guarantee the film will always be available theatrically for audiences.

The Cinema Conservancy Archive is a collection of 35mm prints of American independent films. The purpose of the Archive is to house and protect 35mm film prints to ensure their future existence and use.

A Note About Submissions

Please note, we do not accept unsolicited film submissions.